Profesional Hand washes 

Maintenance exterior detail - 

Price - (starting at) Small -60 Medium -75 Large -100

Time - 1 to 2 hours  

-Rims throughly cleaned and tires degreased 

-Exterior is fully pressure washed to loosen dirt

-Foam cannon is used to apply heavy foam evenly on vehicle while vehicle is washed throughly 

-Vehicle dried and spray waxed for protection and shine

More attention to detail - 

Price - (Starting at) Small -90 Medium -125 Large -150

Time - 1.5 to 2.5 hours 

-Everything listed in the "Maintenance exterior detail"

-Clay bar application to remove hidden contaminates in your vehicles paint

-Paint sealant application by hand for protection 

-Tires dressed to top off a more attention given detail


Price - (starting at) Small -125 Medium -150 Large -200

Time - 2 to 3 hours 

-Everything listed in the "more attention to detail package"

-Paint sealant application with the use of a orbital polisher to remove moderate defects in your vehicles paint

-Windshield protected with a glass sealant 

-Water based tire shine for longer lasting shine