Welcome to our new service menu 

In this part of our website we offer a full list of services we offer. Our detailing packages page is a great start to having your vehicle clean if it's been a while since its last appointment. Here on our services menu we offer additional add ons to your package or get by itself at your next visit. We are here to service and help you. Explaining what you want is key! Please don't hesitate to call or message us for any questions or appointments.

Exterior maintenance 

Exterior maintenance on your vehicle is essential for healthy paint. Below our are recommended add ons to your wash to keeping your vehicle is tip top shape. 

Hand wash - 

Time : 45 Min to 1 Hour total

Start with a hand wash, our 3 bucket method, high rinse and high foam soak wash. Tires degreased, scrubbed and dressed with a water based dressing. Rims are throughly cleaned inside and out and dressed with spray sealant. Exterior windows are cleaned for a streak free finish and paint is streak free with our quick spray wax. 

Clay Bar - Recommended 

Time : 1.5 to 2.5 hours total

Lets start with our Hand wash process, after we've established a clean surface Clay or Clay barring a car removes embedded contaminates on your vehicles paint and glass. Removing this gives your vehicle the "smooth as glass feel" that we all love! (Clay is a safe and effective tool, it does not remove paint.) Top everything off with our wax and paint sealant and you're all set.

Wax or paint sealant - Popular  

Time : 1 to 2 hours total

Take our Hand wash and add a hand wax. Recommended for all vehicles. Waxing is tediously and evenly applied for protection and a show car look. Waxing is recommended every 3 months or every season. Paint sealant is similar but offers more protection in the long haul. Taken care of properly our wax and sealants can last 6 months to a year!

Undercarriage wash - Recommended 

Time : Additional 15 min

A undercarriage wash can be over looked and misunderstood. With everyday road grime and Indiana's winter salt, It is after all the dirtiest part of your vehicle!

High rinse and foam soak of your undercarriage removes all the gunk and salt slowing down possible rust and protecting your investment. 

Interior maintenance 

Leather seat cleaning 

Time : 30 min to 1 hour total 

Leather cleaning is a 3 step process of decontaminating, cleaning and protecting your leather. With steam to break down stubborn grime and leather cleaner to wipe away the dirt. Your left with a "naked  seat". Leather conditioner is applied throughly for protection against everyday wear and a smooth touch feel.  

Baby seat cleaning 

Time : 30 min total

Baby seats can be a tricky thing to clean. Steam cleaning them is a safe and effective way to deodorize, sterilize, maintain and kill bacteria from your child's seat. No chemicals used in this process to ensure health. 

Upholstery and carpet shampooing 

Time: 30 min to 1 hour separate 

Similar to leather seat cleaning, with the help of steam. Steam and upholstery shampoo are generously applied and scrubbed. Removing tough upholstery stains and dirt, dirt is lifted and removed not pushed further into your seats and carpets. Scotch guard applied evenly for protection. Topping off with a fresh scent! 

Smoke and odor removal 

Time : Please call for phone consultation 

Odor removal such as food spillage, pet mishaps or most common smoke removal. Can be removed from your vehicle safely and price friendly. There are many ways to approach this, every vehicle and removal is unique. A phone consultation is a good way to understand what we are getting into.

Wheels off service 

Time invested - 3 - 4 hours total

Our unique wheels off service provides deep and tedious cleaning to your wheels.Whether its your daily driver, show car or Sunday driver. Bring in your winter or summer set for future protection. This is something everyone can enjoy. By removing each wheel we can focus on inside the wheel barrels removing common heavy brake dust build up and heavy grime build up. And the face of your wheel. Every set is protected with a special type of wheel sealant. Lug nuts are decontaminated in this process. Tires degreased and dressed. 

Emblem debadging 

Time/Price : Please call/text 317-775-5806

Whether you want to provide a cleaner look to your vehicle, don't want the excess dirt build up or want to replace the emblems. Car debadging is a common thing. A safe and effective way to remove unwanted emblems wont leave your vehicle scratched or damaged. Please call or message me about your unwanted emblems. 

Headlight restoration 

Time : 45 min to 1 hour 

Price : $25 for 1 - $40 for 2 

Improve your visibility and your vehicles appearance by cleaning up your headlights. Foggy and hazed up headlights dull the light output providing you less visibility in the dark. Not only is it your safety, dull headlights never look good. Clean up your headlights and see better at night! 

Black trim restorer and chrome polish

Time/Price : Please call or message ahead of time, every vehicle is unique! 

Black trim - Rejuvenate your faded out black trim and change the style and feel off your vehicle. Our special ordered black trim restorer offers top quality. Providing water beading and UVA protection. 

Chrome Polish - Chrome polish can bring oxidized/ faded chrome back to life. Providing long lasting protection and shine.